Quality control is decentralized throughout both of our facilities, with more than 28 team members dedicated solely to quality. We establish a rigorous quality plan for every job, and ensure every part meets your quality requirements. Our main Quality Control Lab and multiple satellite quality stations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to maintain quality at the source.

Quality Control

At Hobson & Motzer, quality is engineered into every part, not inspected in after the fact. That’s why—following safety—quality is the first responsibility of every Hobson & Motzer team member.

The Right Resources

Building our reputation on quality is no accident. Achieving a truly quality-minded organization can only occur by investing in, and having the right resources in place. We have some of the most dedicated, talented, and skilled quality professionals in the industry. Our inspection equipment is current, sophisticated, and in place everywhere it needs to be to meet the quality needs of the parts we produce.

Quality Control Tools & Resources

  • Dual-certified and registered QMS
  • Production part approval process (PPAP)
  • Advanced product quality planning (APQP)
  • Process validations
  • Installation qualification (IQ)
  • Operational qualification (OQ)
  • Performance qualification (PQ)
  • Special processes
  • Process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA)
  • Gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R)
  • Capability analysis
  • Statistical support for validation planning and execution
  • Control plans

Metrology, Inspection & Software

  • OGP Flash Vision Inspection systems
  • OGP Quest Vision Inspection systems with scanning touch probe
  • Keyence instant measurement vision systems
  • Nikon VMR Vision Inspection systems
  • Optical comparators
  • Precision contour measuring equipment
  • Profilometers
  • Statistical software packages include Mini-Tab® and Infinity QS®
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Rockwell hardness testing
  • Micro-hardness testing
  • Calibration adherence to ISO 17025 standards

Document Control

Hobson & Motzer maintains a document control system in accordance with ISO and IATF standards. All vital data is collected, reviewed, and archived. This process includes keeping detailed records and conducting frequent audits. In-process and final inspections for every part are archived. Our digital microscope is capable of capturing the intricate details of your part, storing images, recreating them as color prints, or transmitting them by email.

Product traceability is also recorded in all our manufacturing processes and throughout the supply chain to ensure the products we manufacture are to our customers’ exact specifications. Records, as well as finished products, are retained for a minimum of 15 years. Documents and quality records can be provided as needed for client requirements.