Hobson & Motzer meets the rigorous demands of the medical device and other challenging, quality-critical industries. Quality is another area that has always set Hobson & Motzer apart. Our company and dedicated team members are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations in all aspects of their relationship with Hobson & Motzer.

We view quality in terms of workmanship, customer experience, and innovation. This ensures that each part that we produce lives up to the expectation of everyone who will ever come into contact with it.

  • At your receiving dock, when parts arrive as scheduled.
  • At incoming inspection, when parts consistently meet your specifications.
  • In engineering, when new product designs call for manufacturing innovation and advanced technology to create them.


The quality of Hobson & Motzer-made parts reach their pinnacle when in service—as in a medical device component—when a surgeon and patient both need that instrument to consistently operate at peak performance.

Workmanship is process driven

We engineer quality workmanship into our processes, at each step, assuring quality at the source. From the earliest stage of a project, our engineers collaborate with Quality Control to target conformance, inspection, consistency, and repeatability. This ensures that each part or assembly that we produce lives up to the expectation of everyone who will ever come into contact with it.

Smooth customer experience

Our industry-leading customer service, project execution and management, and overall attentiveness to our customers’ needs make supply chain and development projects run smoothly. We take a holistic approach to service by identifying all the stakeholders in the supply chain and ensuring we keep open lines of communication. We focus intently on service level, knowing how much our customers depend on us for on-time delivery, and always look for ways to enhance our service.

Robust and reliable QMS

Our quality management system (QMS) is robust and reliable; it delivers a manufacturing process that yields consistent, high-quality components and assemblies. Hobson & Motzer’s Quality Assurance team is highly skilled, innovative, and is backed by the some of the most advanced metrology, software, and measurement equipment and technology available.

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Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

We will satisfy our customers, both internal and external, by meeting their quality expectations.


Our employees will know what constitutes quality work.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to maintaining the effectiveness of our QMS and continually improving our manufacturing processes through the application of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Continually improving will lead to increased customer satisfaction.