Hobson & Motzer made a commitment to continuous improvement nearly 25 years ago. It is a commitment that has endured and has expanded and evolved into a core business practice that influences daily decisions at every level of our company. The time and resources we dedicate to operational excellence (OPEX) have made a tremendous impact in our company over the years. As a result, we are able to leverage our strong operational performance to continually focus on other critical improvements and projects.

As do many manufacturers, we started our continuous improvement journey with traditional lean manufacturing tools. With early successes, lean efforts morphed into full strategy/policy deployment that introduced goals and brought a more cohesive structure to this initiative. Along the way, we tapped into more culture-changing innovations that empowered our team members and created a unified front for continuous improvement at Hobson & Motzer.

In 2018, we adopted the guiding principles of the Shingo Model for operational excellence. Our team’s mission is to reach the pinnacle of enterprise excellence through application of the Shingo Principles.

The OPEX Effect

Operational excellence is the guiding principle that keeps our goals for productivity, precision and quality, on-time delivery, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction aligned at every phase of the project and level of production. We are proud to continually create improvements to our processes that ensure our parts and components perform at the highest levels for our customers. How can we help you achieve the best out of your parts and components? Contact us now to get the conversation started.