First Step:

Project-Based Rapid
Precision Prototyping for Medical Devices

First Step

Your First Step Is the Most Important

More than a century of manufacturing expertise and hundreds of successful product development projects have afforded Hobson & Motzer intimate knowledge of the demand for this specific medical device prototype capability in the medical device market and other advanced industries. As such, we have launched our new project-based rapid precision prototyping program, called First Step.

The introduction of this medical device prototype platform for NPI reflects the voice of the customer, loud and clear. Customers in med device and other advanced industries have expressed a need for higher level rapid prototyping that is executed to precise tolerances. It provides an opportunity for both the part and the manufacturing process to evolve simultaneously. This approach yields valuable data and learning that does not occur when the two processes are separate. Having a dedicated program is the next natural step for us as a medical device prototype manufacturer to offer our customers.

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Designing for Advanced Precision

Designing for tomorrow’s precision instruments calls for a different set of rules. Leading OEMs in the medical device sector have redefined what they need to maintain a successful new product development and new product introduction pipeline.

These elements include:

  • Precision tolerance medical component prototyping
  • Access to a solid manufacturing support team
  • An infrastructure that is nimble and resourceful
  • Ability to inspect and provide data from the prototype stage forward
  • Fast turnaround

What that looks like on the ground is a powerful product
development solution offering broad capabilities and a
solid team of resources in an established, experienced
infrastructure that only a specialized medical device prototype manufacturer can provide. It involves:

  • A true medical device prototype development partner that delivers precision where it’s needed
  • DFM expertise
  • A dedicated precision medical component prototyping program that offers collaborative engagement providing clear solutions
  • Inspection strength, state-of-the-art metrology
  • Long-term manufacturing efficiency
  • Adding significant value to the NPI/NPD process

What you get from First Step with Hobson & Motzer is a
precision prototype that allows designers to:

  • Have confidence in parts that are backed up with measurement data
  • Reliably determine fit, form, and function at the component level
  • Reliably test performance
  • Show efficient proof of concepts

Seamless Transition to Scaled Production

It takes a uniquely capable medical device prototype manufacturer with extensive expertise in a broad range of areas. Hobson & Motzer has this depth in multi-axis CNC-machining and other advanced manufacturing expertise to quickly deliver iterations of precise tolerance prototypes. Combined with equal depth in coining and precision metal stamping, a First Step project will allow you to enhance product development and more easily transition into scaled production by maintaining learning curve continuity within the same manufacturer.

Assessing for the Lifecyle of Your Precision Medical Component

An important hallmark in product development from a manufacturing standpoint is that from the beginning, the components must be assessed for their entire lifecycle. When planning through this lens, the benefit of a project-based approach makes sense.

This strategy:

  • Brings a robust DFM process
  • Takes quality engineering into consideration at the outset
  • Builds long-term stability into the process from the very first step
  • Assures that NPI/NPD for parts and components are optimized, from every angle, including cost

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Owning the Learning Curve

As parts move through design iterations, precision medical component prototyping, and on through final design, the production methods are being developed and optimized. The project approach allows the team to own the learning curve, which yields superior results throughout the project.

It is important to collaborate closely early in the design process to:

  • Understand what technology is available to meet critical tolerances and increase overall productivity
  • Define requirements for medical device component prototypes
  • Produce consistent, high-quality components
  • Own the learning curve to optimize efficiencies
  • Develop scalable production methods to support high volumes

Start Off Right with Your First Step!

Starting with an insightful DFM exchange that occurs at the earliest phase in the process can steer the manufacturing costs of an initial design in the right direction—right from the start—and is a best practice. The process should include supplier input from process and materials engineering and quality control. This key step is important and allows potential problems to be identified and addressed during the design phase, saving time, money, and wasted resources in the long run.

At Hobson & Motzer, the best First Step is one that employs the same proven processes that are applied in large-scale production programs from the get-go—with the full force of our team and talent behind it. An engagement with Hobson & Motzer’s First Step rapid precision prototyping program is just that—the First Step in a successful product development project. We realize that one-off prototypes are available elsewhere—we produce precision medical components, parts, and processes, which help customers deliver better results.

Are you getting the most out of your medical device prototypes? Take your First Step towards a collaboration that delivers precision tolerance prototypes and—from the start—assesses your components for their entire lifecycle. As a highly specialized medical device prototype manufacturer, Hobson & Motzer’s project-based approach delivers precision and optimizes your NPI/NPD components, from every angle, and helps get you to market faster.

Make your First Step count.

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