We are the people who work at Hobson & Motzer—each with a unique skill or talent, that when combined with nearly 400 others, creates a formidable team that is the driving force behind everything we do and achieve. We are a unique and talented team that stands committed to our purpose: to improve lives, advance technology, and transform metal. This is Hobson & Motzer.

Who We Are

Our approach is thoughtful, our technology nurtures innovation, our experience sets us apart. The weight of our purpose guides every action. Remaining on the forefront of innovation requires adherence to a mindset that supports collective constancy of purpose throughout our organization. Our core values inform our business decisions and influence our relationships with fellow employees, customers, suppliers, and the local community.

Who We Are

Hobson & Motzer Logo

Our Core Values


Integrity is the cornerstone of how we do business and is the very core of who we are as a company. It is the foundation of our culture and guides our decision making and actions.


Leading with humility is paramount to us. Balancing confidence in our competencies while extending courteous respect for others and the knowledge they bring to the table promotes productive collaboration. This fosters resourcefulness, creativity, and allows all stakeholders to pursue ambitious goals.

Passion for Excellence

Our benchmark for success is to achieve excellence in all that we do—regardless of how complex or mundane the task. We perform our work to the highest standard and stand accountable for our contributions to individual and team commitments.

Culture of Innovation

We foster innovation and never become complacent with our methods and practices. Motivated by a culture of continuous improvement, we embrace technology and advancement. We will lead change, challenge and transform technology, and drive the latest thinking in manufacturing through innovation.