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Hobson & Motzer is a vertically integrated manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies serving the needs of the medical device market and other advanced industries. We operate two manufacturing plants with primary operations—and headquarters—centrally located in Durham, CT; our Advanced Manufacturing Center is just a few miles away in Wallingford, CT.

What We Are
Known For

What We Are Known For

Founded in 1912, Hobson & Motzer has a long history and a solid reputation for quality, innovation, and advancing technology as a “go-to” shop for critical projects. We don’t just do a job, we master it. Our approach to manufacturing is thoughtful, measured, and controlled to maximize quality, repeatability, and efficiency. Engineers who want their projects done right the first time come to Hobson & Motzer. It’s what we are known for.

World-Class Contract Manufacturer

What began as a small tool and die shop has evolved into a world-class contract manufacturer that consistently brings a unique blend of capabilities to the market. Hobson & Motzer is a leader in precision metal stamping and coined wire, multi-axis CNC machining, and component assembly. We offer a wide range of in-house secondary operations that makes us ideally suited to meet the demands of advanced manufacturing industries. At Hobson & Motzer, we offer small company service with big company resources.

Quality is Engineered
into the Process

Our approach to quality begins at the initial design review and is considered through each step until a part reaches its final destination in your instrument. Our quality department is fully staffed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and inspection equipment. We have a decentralized quality control system, which drives quality at the source, ensuring that our precision components consistently meet your exact specifications. Our level of vertical integration is a strategy that is driven by quality. Developing expertise and maintaining control over each process and phase of production allows us to own quality from end to end.

Manufacturing the Impossible

Advanced industries have always led the way designing products that change the landscape as we know it. These innovations improve lives and make possible that which was once thought impossible. For more than a century, Hobson & Motzer has been proud to play our part, one amazing part at a time. We live for the challenge of a seemingly impossible design that—from a manufacturing standpoint—pushes the limits of man, machine, and material. Many clients have brought their critical projects to us after being told by other companies that the job could not be done, the tolerances could not be held, or the process could not be controlled. We are also frequently brought in when other manufacturers’ attempts have failed.

Advanced technology drives advanced designs that propel advanced achievements. This is our lane.

If you’re looking to get the job done right the first time and every time, contact Hobson & Motzer. Our team brings a “can do” attitude to every job and looks forward to exceeding your expectations.