Precision Metal Stamping With Progressive Dies

Hobson & Motzer excels at high-volume tight-tolerance precision metal stampings. Through proven manufacturing processes and industry-leading technology, we are able to create innovative solutions for your most complex component needs. Our metal stampings begin with high quality progressive dies.

Equipment Highlights

All of our 50+ presses are equipped with electronic sensors, allowing us to run production consistently and safely at maximum speeds with minimum downtime.

  • Straight-sided presses ranging from 30 - 180 tons with bed sizes as long as 60" and equipped with precision feeders, are capable of running speeds from 60 - 1200 spm.
  • Knuckle presses ranging up to 250 tons; ideal for coining difficult, tightly toleranced components in materials such as stainless steel, low-carbon steel, and copper alloys.

Let Hobson & Motzer build a solution for your most quality-critical precision metal stamping applications.

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