Because we work with customers that are forerunners in their field, it is incumbent upon us to lead with next-level technology. We listen. We work to understand the needs of the market today and tomorrow. As technologies advance and parts and components get smaller, tolerances get tighter and the demand for ultra-precision and precision electro-chemical machining (PECM) continues to grow.

Precision Electro-Chemical Machining PECM

PECM: Our Advanced Manufacturing Center

Precision electro-chemical machining (PECM), the most advanced form of it today, uses the principle of electrolysis to remove material from a workpiece at the ionic level. This allows us to shape hardened metal in complex shapes in high volume with consistent results. With PECM, intricate designs become reality.

This technology yields ultra-precision machining without creating a heat-affected zone. It is an ideal solution for high hardness requirements. We can PECM any grade of material, any hardness, without the need for a post-heat-treat operation.

Desired applications for this technology are broad—including medical, aerospace, and defense.