CNC Machining

Hobson & Motzer has some of the most precise vertical CNC machines available with 3-, 4-, and full 5-axis capability. Our expertise in machined components is complemented by a team of expert applications engineers with diverse backgrounds in the medical device, aerospace, automotive, and mold-making industries.

Our equipment is high-end, robust, production-ready, and versatile. Our diversity provides great flexibility to apply the most suitable technology for each application. In high-volume applications, we also design and build (in-house) state-of-the-art robotic-controlled automated systems for maximum efficiency.

Equipment Highlights

The CNC departments in each of our plants are fully networked for systemic performance monitoring for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)—helping to mitigate downtime and changeovers, optimizing quality data and preventative maintenance scheduling. Each unit has modern controls, allowing us to run production consistently and safely at maximum speeds with minimum downtime.

  • 72+ production vertical CNC machining centers with 3-, 4-, and full 5-axis capability; ball screw and linear drive machines
  • Our core team includes several expert-level applications engineers
  • Ideally suited to perform a wide range of precision machining