Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is integral to Hobson & Motzer’s precision metal stamping process. The idea of continuous improvement has been part of our company mission since our founding, and our first lean event was held in 2001. Today, we have a full-time Director of Operational Excellence and 10 continuous improvement champions on staff. We complete several lean and Six Sigma projects each year, including Value Stream Mapping, 6S, setup reduction and variation reduction, as well as many other tools of continuous improvement.

Quick Changeovers

Adopting a lean philosophy has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our manufacturing processes, allowing in particular for the rapid exchange of dies. This means we are able to respond rapidly to changes in customer demand, and can accommodate bumps in your schedule as needed.

Quick changeover time also allows us to run smaller lots, which lead to better quality components.

Employee Training & Engagement

Our success depends on our people – that’s why Hobson & Motzer takes the time to formally train each of our employees. Our entire workforce is focused on quality – which helps to ensure a consistent end product.

In addition, by keeping an idea board in every department and holding daily department meetings, our employees are able to brainstorm and develop solutions that ultimately streamline and improve our processes.

Inventory Management

Hobson & Motzer has controls on our inventory to ensure timely replenishment and consistent on-time delivery. Using the principles of Kanban along with appropriately sized supermarkets, we are able to keep production flowing and maintain inventory levels that meet our customers’ needs. We continue to perform periodic in-house inventory counts of our on-hand precision components to verify our inventory levels. For our clients, this reduces delays in receiving the parts you need, when you need them.

We also maintain an extensive tool spare parts inventory for every program to minimize downtime and delivery interruptions.

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